Steel Shop Detailing is driven to be innovative and productive. We strive to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. Our services are available for a wide range of different projects. Our speciality detailing consists for commercial and industrial projects, however, we also detail balustrades, schools, and mechanical platforms, just to name a few.

A list below provides an extensive view of our services.. Some of these services may not be required due to the type of project. Drawings are primary issued in PDF format but we can send in DWG if required.

  • Marking Plans
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Purlin Detail Sheets
  • Shaft Cutting Sheets
  • Plate Fitting Sheets
  • Handrail Drawings
  • Grating Layout Drawings
  • Shaft NC Files
  • Plate DXF Files
  • 3D Models in various formats.

Full Set of Reports which Include

  • Assembly Report
  • Material Report
  • Purlin Material Reports
  • Workshop Purlin Report
  • Bridging Report
  • Purlin Bracket Report
  • Site Bolt Assembly Report
  • Bolt Summary Report
  • NC Material Report
  • DXF Plate Report
  • Galvanized Member Report
  • Handrail Reports